Tuesday, January 25, 2005

lavaps-tcl coming real soon now :)

Ever since I adopted the lavaps package for Debian, there has been a wishlist bug requesting a tcl/tk version of the application. This was first blocked by a bug in the original code as discussed yesterday. This was corrected in lavaps 2.7 (available in late December). Since then, I have been struggling with the Debian packaging system to build multiple binaries (lavaps and lavaps-tcl) from a single source. This morning I had a major breakthrough, and it all looks ok so far.

Monday, January 24, 2005

lavaps 2.7 just uploaded to Debian unstable

lavaps 2.7 has just been uploaded to Debian unstable. Mostly bug fixes, along with a blob autoscaling code re-write. It also corrects a tcl/tk bug I found during development a few months ago. This will allow me to create a tcl version for Debian, as well as the current gtk version. Just need to work out how to create multiple binaries from a single source and have then end up in the correct location.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


I went on my first skiing lesson last night. It was only a one-hour taster session on a local dry ski slope, but it was good fun. The only after affect is a sore right knee I got after falling backwards coming down the slope, and was dragged along until I stopped.

After my knee is better, I will probably sign up for the introductory course. Then I'll be allowed on the main slope unsupervised!


I discovered RSS2Email this morning after reading Planet Debian. It reads RSS/Atom feeds and converts them into email messages. This means I can now read my feeds inside mutt with all it's searching abilities :)