Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ontological Engineering

I've finally started to experiment with ontologies. If you understand the term, please leave comments and maybe we can collaborate on some interesting projects.

Oh, and XCode 2.0

Apple also have details online regarding XCode 2.0, their own development environment. The new features of "Dynamic class diagrams" that update with your code (giving you another path to navigate by) and "Graphical remote debugging" look interesting to me.

Apple's Tiger OS

I've just finished watching the keynote from Apple's WWDC2004, where Tiger, the next Apple OS is being shown for the first time. Of the new features, my favorites are Spotlight and Automator.

Spotlight is a meta-data and full content index/search engine. Automator. allows automation of repeative tasks by combining tasks (with connectors) into a workflow.

The new 30 inch display is quite nice as well :)